Jornada Gaia Spirit 2013. Festival Gaia Spirit Cádiz. Centro Anayansi.

Summer spanish Festivals 2013. Cadiz-Andalusia-Spain. GaiaSpirit Festival

Welcome to Gaia-Spirit festival.
The Summer Festival will be in Cádiz, Andalucía. A nice place in the south of Spain.

The Gaia Spirit Gathering, a celebration of sustainability, inner growth and fun..
We are a group of people with the same dream - to create a festival where we can discover ways to improve our quality of life and health, and have fun at the same time; a place where we can awaken ecological and spiritual awareness in a free and natural space in a beautiful part of Spain. The name "Gaia Spirit" is a description of what motivates us: "the Spirit of the Earth". The Asociación Holística Anayansiis a not-for-profit, and the profits from this event will be donated to the following projects:
  • Fundación "Agrónomos sin Fronteras" (Tanzania, Africa)
  • Construction of a new home for the project housing young girls in Otumba (México), organised by Asociación Las Beguinas.
We are receiving support from a lot of people who are helping us with their participation as workshop leaders, therapists, artists etc., as well as volunteers. Without their help this project would not be possible and we are very grateful.

You can visit our website, which is translated into English:

Note: It's really difficult at that time bad weather in southern Spain, so we say you will not find here rain, but you'll surely light, sunshine and joy.
The festival Gaia Spirit ... A festival where it´s almost certain that you will not need boots or umbrellas...(It´s a joke).

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